Spinach and Brie Puffs

Hello All! I hope you are all staying warm and dry if you are caught up in this storm right now – I am currently buried under about a foot of snow! I cannot wait for this winter to be over!

Since I am stuck in the house on the couch I thought it was about time I wrote a new post – I am so behind! I’ve actually tried a lot of things the past few months and just haven’t had the time to post but hopefully this will hold you over until the next one!

I tried these spinach and brie puffs for Christmas since I am a HUGE lover of puff pastry but I regret to say I was not happy with these at all.

My puffs did not get golden even though I used the egg wash, did not really puff, did not get ooey-gooey like they look in the original posts photo (even though I baked them longer than the post says to try to get them golden) and, to me, did not really have a huge amount of flavor. I skipped the sesame and poppy seeds but I don’t think they would have made a huge difference.

I included some photos below of how I made the puffs in case you want to try them for yourself and see if you have better success than I did – if you do let me know!

As a note, as the recipe says, one puff pastry will only make 4 puffs (2 braided “loaves” cut in half) so I used 2 puff pastries to yield 8 puffs.