Pull-Apart Pretzel Skillet with Beer Cheese

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE pretzels in any form – pretzel rolls, soft pretzels, hard pretzels – doesn’t matter. I was looking for an appetizer for a barbecue we were having and came across this pretzel and beer cheese … Continue reading

Blooming Brie Bowl

It’s Wednesday so you know what that means – new post day and it’s a great one! This is the third appetizer I made for my bridesmaids for our first meeting – a delicious blooming brie bowl! I had never made anything like this so I was super excited to try it.

I followed the recipe pretty closely with the exception that I only put 1 tsp. of chili powder (since I’m not a huge fan) and substituted an extra 1 tsp. of garlic powder in its place.

I also needed to bake way longer than the recipe says – about 10 to 15 minutes longer. When I took the brie out of the oven at 25 minutes and removed the top of the bread the cheese still seemed firm.

This was a great appetizer though a little difficult to eat. My one complaint was that, while the cheese was gooey on the inside (and deliciously oozed out of the bowl once the first bread piece was removed) leaving the bread top on caused the spices on top to form a sort of crust rather than melt into the cheese and season it. I didn’t end up using the bread top piece because it was too crunchy to cut into pieces so I think next time I would just leave it off and hope the spices settled into the cheese more.

Sadly, I was so busy enjoying this creation that I forgot to take an “after” picture before it got destroyed but it looked almost exactly like the picture shown with the original recipe! Also, the little bit of this that was left after our meeting reheated really well the next day so no worries  if you have extra!

What’s your favorite use for a bread bowl? Let me know your ideas in the comments!

Happy pinning!