Avocado Eggrolls

I’m back! It’s been tough to get in the kitchen the past few weeks but I finally did this weekend. Since all my bridesmaids have been so fabulous thus far I wanted to have them all over to chat about the wedding over some tasty appetizers and a few bottles of wine. I made a variety of dishes that I will be sharing with you – the first being these avocado eggrolls. Now, I’m going to preface this review by saying that I completely realize the reason these may have sucked is possibly because of something that I did wrong. However, since my goal is to tell you if the recipes I tried from Pinterest actually come out has good as they look like they are going to I need to review the finished product as I achieved it. That being said, if you are OK with possibly wasting a little bit of time in the kitchen then I do encourage you to try these and let me know if they come out any better for you and how you got them that way.

Firstly, let me break down the recipe for you so you don’t need to go watch the video (I didn’t like that the steps weren’t written down anywhere.) I made the eggrolls only, not the sauce.

1. Chop cilantro, mince onion, cube avocado and cut sundried tomatoes into strips

2. Mix all of the above and sea salt together

3. Roll mixture in spring roll wrappers (I think this may have been my downfall…see more below)

4. Fry in well-heated oil until golden brown

That’s it – 4 steps – sounds simple right? Should be but mine turned out to be a disaster. I didn’t use any onion because I didn’t have any or any cilantro because I don’t like it for my filling. I used 4 avocados and a 3 oz bag of sundried tomatoes. I also added 2 tsp. of lemon juice to keep the avocado from browning.


The filling was actually quite delicious though the next time I would add regular table salt, pepper, and maybe some adobo seasoning for more punch but the onion and cilantro weren’t missed especially for an avocado lover like myself. I was feeling good at this point as I opened my package of spring roll wrappers.

Now for those of you who watched the video she uses something called spring roll pastries. Are these not the same thing as spring roll wrappers? Does anyone know? I noticed she did not need to soak her “pastries” but I had to soak my wrappers for about 10 seconds to get them pliable enough to roll. Still I thought this was OK since I looked online and lots a people were discussing soaking spring roll wrappers so I wasn’t concerned.

I assembled all of the rolls and started to heat my oil while I did other things in the kitchen. Once the oil was very hot I started to fry my rolls…and my success ended there. I didn’t get one roll to come out a golden brown like she does in the video. And not only were they not golden brown but they were soggy and oily – really unappetizing.


I ate just the filling out of a few which was still good but I was disappointed in these and so were all my girls. I actually was so put off by them that I was lying in bed later that night thinking about them and getting queasy.

I would need to say this was a Pinterest “miss” at least for me. What about you? Have any of you tried these or something similar and gotten them to work well? What was your secret?

Happy pinning!