Chickpea Burgers

So, I promised you in my last post that I would share my chickpea burger recipe with you soon and here it is! This is NOT a Pinterest recipe but one I came up with myself because I was so inspired by the black bean burger recipe I shared with you the last time.

The process for this recipe is the same as for the black bean burgers but with a totally different, more Mediterranean flavor profile!


Here is how the ingredients match up with the black bean burgers:

Black Bean Burgers                 –>                   Chickpea Burgers

Black beans                                                        Chickpeas

Egg                                                                         Egg

Panko                                                                   Panko

Red onion                                                           Yellow onion

Cilantro                                                               Baby spinach or Arugula or Parsley or Nothing

Green chilies                                                      Roasted red peppers

Lime juice                                                            Lemon juice

Cumin                                                                   Oregano or nothing

Garlic                                                                    Garlic

Salt                                                                         Salt

Pepper                                                                   Pepper


I follow the same blend–>refrigerate–>form–>refrigerate–>bake process as I did for the black bean burgers (for all the details, look back to that post!) I find these hold together a little better than the black bean version and are a little easier to work with.


I serve them up differently also – usually on some toasted pita bread with feta on top and some arugula with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper on the side.


I crave both versions of this recipe a ton and am happy to have another meatless, veggie-heavy recipe in my arsenal!

Let me know if you come up with any other exciting flavor combos!


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