Chocolate Cream Pie

Happy holidays! Everyone knows the holiday season is baking season and Thanksgiving kicks it off!

I like to try to make a new dessert every year and this year I decided on a chocolate cream pie (to accompany another round of these delicious cranberry mini cheesecakes that I made last year!)

I LOVE French silk pie – it has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. Unfortunately, all of the recipes that I could find for a French silk pie call for raw eggs in the filling. I tried this once before a few years back and it was fine but with my colitis, especially since I am just coming off a bad flare, raw eggs aren’t safe for me – not that they are advisable for the average person but I really can’t have them without risking serious infection and complications.

SO I set out to find a close substitute that would be just as delicious but allow me to cook the eggs in the filling. I came across this recipe with pictures that looked and a recipe that sounded like the closest match.

First, the crust. I did not use a pre-made crust like the recipe called for as I REALLY wanted to make my own. Pie crust is not my specialty but I thought I could pull it off and this recipe sounded easy enough.

I followed the crust recipe exactly and kept all my ingredients VERY cold. And…it looked pretty good! I could see the chunks of butter in the crust, it was the perfect size, and my crimping came out pretty decent!


I was pretty proud of myself at this point and felt even better when the crust came out of the oven. I blind-baked it for 30 minutes at 375 (MAJOR complaint about this recipe – it doesn’t tell you the temperature or the cooking time!) I got the 30 minutes at 375 from another recipe because since it wasn’t in the original I had no clue! After 30 minutes the crust was still a little wet in the middle so I put it back in for about another 10 minutes. When I pulled it out it looked good…


This was all very encouraging. But, sadly, the crust did not TASTE good. It wasn’t the slightest bit flaky – it was VERY tough (like really, really tough) and really had no flavor. I have no idea where I went wrong. Next time I’ll just have to have my mom show me how she makes hers.

I was really disappointed but, luckily, the filling of the pie was SO DELICIOUS that it saved the crust. I followed the recipe exactly for the chocolate cream but THEN I put my own spin on it. The texture of the filling initially was very pudding-like, presumably because of the cooked eggs. To change the texture up a bit I whipped up a batch of whipped cream (not the one listed in the recipe as I have my own recipe I use all the time – heavy cream, confectioners sugar, and vanilla.) I used about half a carton of heavy cream and this made enough for the filling and the topping. I mixed half of my batch of whipped cream into the chocolate filling – this lightened it up into a more mousse like texture that was AMAZING!


Because of the whipped cream addition I had extra filling. Once I tasted the filling I was so happy about this! I put the extra in an airtight container and ate it with left over whipped cream on top over the next few days – it stayed just as delicious!

I topped my pie with swirls of the plain whipped cream that was left from the batch…


…and lots of shaved chocolate!


Overall, this pie was almost exactly what I was looking for once I added the whipped cream to the chocolate filling and it truly was very, very delicious. I will definitely make it again with a different crust!





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