Glazed Apple Hand Pies

Happy Fall! The cool Autumn weather is upon us and that means one thing – APPLES! In classic New England style, my family hits the orchards every year and brings home bags and bags of apples…even though I can’t eat raw apples and my husband isn’t a huge apple eater. But I refuse to miss out on one of my favorite fall activities and that means I need to find something to do with all those apples. Of course there is the traditional apple pie and apple cobbler (maybe if you’re lucky I’ll share my [grandmother’s] apple cobbler recipe in a post soon,) and in the past I’ve made these caramel apple cookie cups that were delicious, but I wanted something new this year. So I hit Pinterest and found these glazed apple hand pies that looked delicious and sounded easy enough.

I, obviously, didn’t buy pre-packaged apples like the writer did and instead used fresh-picked Macintosh apples. Due to this year’s drought in the area, the apples were much smaller than usual so I needed about 4 apples to get enough filling. I also skipped the nutmeg – if you’ve read my blog before you might know I HATE nutmeg and have had it ruin recipes in the past for me so, in order for me to actually be able to eat and enjoy these, I left it out.

I don’t own a biscuit cutter so I used the rim of a drinking glass. The glass was a little smaller than the 4″ biscuit cutter the original writer mentions at a little over 3″. Because of this, I got about 20 pie crust rounds instead of the 12-14 in the original recipe. I thought these were plenty big enough for a snack and making them smaller lowers the calorie count of each to about 140 calories which isn’t TERRIBLE for a classic, heavy fall dessert.


Also, because my rounds were smaller, I couldn’t fit as much filling in each – I used approximately heaping 1 tsp. as opposed to 1 tbsp. Again, I felt like this was plenty and the filling spreads out in the pie nicely during baking – all of my pies were filled side-to-side and top-to-bottom once cooled.


In order to not lose any additional crust, I pinched my edges with a fork rather than folding them over. Then, poked three slanted lines in the top of each (full disclosure: I forgot the vent holes on my second batch – they still came out fine!)


The baking time in this recipe is pretty spot on and my pies were a perfect golden brown in about 17-18 minutes.


The glazing of these is the messiest part but it is doable and a quick process once you get the hang of it. I used a shallow bowl and 2 forks to glaze – I dropped the pies in, flipped them around with the forks, and then lifted them out and let the excess glaze drop off before putting them back on the sheet.


The centers of these are hard to see in the photo but they turn into a delicious, caramel like filling and taste exactly like a traditional apple pie – with less calories than a slice, less work to assemble, and less baking time!


These are INCREDIBLE warm and still totally delicious cold! The family has already devoured two batches (40 pies!) in less than 2 weeks so I am sure I will be making another batch before my apples run out.

Happy pinning!



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