Pull-Apart Pretzel Skillet with Beer Cheese

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE pretzels in any form – pretzel rolls, soft pretzels, hard pretzels – doesn’t matter. I was looking for an appetizer for a barbecue we were having and came across this pretzel and beer cheese skillet dish. 

Since we would be at home and it needs to be served warm it seemed like the perfect time to try it out since it wouldn’t travel well. I also wanted something not too large and somewhat light since the rest of the meal would be a southern inspired feast (smoked brisket, corn bread, and mac and cheese.)

This recipe comes together pretty easily – the worst part is waiting for the dough to rise. I also am not a huge fan of having to boil the pretzel dough first. The recipe that I usually use for pretzels doesn’t require the boiling and I use it for pretzel bites all the time. I was tempted to apply the same method to these (brushing with baking soda and water instead of boiling) but since I hadn’t made this before and was feeding more than just myself I didn’t want to risk it. I definitely want to try that next time though!

Here are my pretzels post-boiling…

Pretzel App_1

I followed the recipe pretty closely except in the dough I used fine sea salt instead of kosher salt. To season the tops I used actually pretzel salt that I have. I also left out the optional green onion garnish. As the recipe says, you may not be able to fit all of the pretzels in your skillet. I could only fit thirteen of the sixteen pretzels. The three extra I baked alongside the rest in a loaf pan.

Pretzel App_2

This came out so ooey, gooey delicious and the pretzels were perfectly golden and chewy. There were barely any leftovers and the small amount left was devoured the next day.

Pretzel App_3

My only criticism (and it is really not a criticism because it means it is so delicious!) is that, even though it looks like a lot, the cheese dip is thick so it goes very quickly. It is definitely a scoop-on-to-a-plate-dip and not just a dip-and-go dip. The next time I think I would try to, not quite double, but add to the cheese dip recipe or make some extra on the side.

This is going to become a staple – I already have requests from my family to make it for the super bowl. Such a great Pinterest find!



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