I’ve already told you about the barbecue we had recently where I served the amazing pull-apart pretzel and beer cheese skillet appetizer. 

The rest of the barbecue I wanted to be southern inspired. I bought my husband a smoker for his 30th birthday and he really wanted to bust it out and smoke some brisket for the event so Southern just seemed like a natural fit to me. However, this meant I had to start the hunt for a cornbread recipe.

I had never made cornbread before which meant I didn’t have a go-to recipe. However, I had EATEN cornbread before and I knew what I definitely did not want – a dry, crumbling, somewhat tasteless mess. I wanted something slightly moist and just a little sweet since all my favorite cornbreads seem to be on the sweeter side. With no frame of reference for anything this type of cornbread recipe would contain I just had to use my gut when I came across this recipe and chose it as the winner.


I had no choice here – I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and HAD to follow the recipe exactly. And I am SO GLAD I chose this recipe! It came out exactly like I had hoped – moist and sweet. I was so happy when all I did was flip the pan over and the whole loaf easily popped out that that probably would have been enough for me after a day of cooking. But, on top of that success, I thought it was pretty darn delicious for my first attempt (and probably  my second and third!)


I served it with some simple butter on the side though I am sure honey butter like the author suggests trying in the original post would be DIVINE.

Here is the cornbread with the rest of our main course spread – smoked brisket and mac and cheese (which I actually used this recipe for but forgot to document the process. It was delicious though! I chose it because I didn’t want a recipe that called for Velveeta since it kind of creeps me out.)


I’ll definitely be giving this recipe another go when the occasion for cornbread arises!


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