Garlicky Spinach and Parmesan Frittata

I am a big fan of frittatas because they are so quick and easy to make and there are nearly endless options as to what you can mix in with them so when I came across this garlicky spinach and parmesan frittata I was pretty excited.

I’ve actually had this pin saved for awhile as it was all the way down near the bottom of my “Main Dishes and Well Wishes” board. I was going through the board recently looking for some lighter and healthier recipes since Spring (and Summer!) is right around the corner and this dish finally jumped out at me.

I have made this frittata twice already in the past month and I plan to make it again soon so it is quickly becoming a staple.

I followed the recipe exactly the first time I made it. I used my large, heavy cast iron skillet to cook the frittata in the oven which gets it just ever so slightly crispy and delicious on the bottom. The second time I made it, I actually sliced up a white potato into very thin slices, seasoned them with salt and pepper, and used them as a thin crust on the bottom. Both ways were delicious!

The photo below is from the first, non-crust batch.


One note is that both times I have used the full amount of olive oil. It seems like a lot of oil, especially if you watch it bake and see it bubbling up the sides but the end product is NOT oily. I DO think the oil could be reduced slightly with no negative impact – maybe by 1 tbsp. – but I haven’t tried this yet.

In addition to being super easy this is also a really light meal. I cut my frittata into 6 slices which makes each slice around 180 calories (for the version with no potato.) I usually enjoy it with a light 90-calorie English muffin topped with a half tbsp. of light butter and a little salt, pepper and garlic powder. The whole meal – with 2 slices of the frittata and the English muffin with light butter – only clocks in at around 475 calories.

Can’t wait to make this again!



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