Sausage and Tortellini Soup

I love making interesting soups in the fall and winter. I came across this sausage and tortellini soup recently and couldn’t wait to make it. Technically, I found it on but I added it to my Pinterest from there so that counts right?!?

I  made this soup three times in a matter of weeks because it is just so delicious!


The first time I made the soup I used sweet italian sausage links and removed the casings. The second time I crumbled up some pre-formed sweet italian sausage patties. I preferred the first sausage and went back to it for my third time since, as those were already smoked, they added more depth of flavor than the uncooked patties. Both times were delicious though!

I also used frozen tortellini every time and that works out just fine.


As we are only two people, one batch makes enough to have a pretty healthy amount of leftovers – even when we both have two helpings! Assuming you get 7 to 8 servings per batch – 1 large ladel serving is about 390 calories. Not the lightest meal but still a great find for a cold winter night!


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