Soft-Batch Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Get ready for the best chocolate overload you have ever had in your life.  As soon as I came across these soft-batch double chocolate cookies I HAD to make them – like, as in, that very day. I just had a good feeling about these and I was right.

These were so good that there really isn’t much for me to say in this post as nothing in the recipe needs to be changed or tweaked in any way.


I used a combo of dark and bittersweet chips in mine and it was the perfect combination – I will continue to make them this way in the future even though that is a slight divergence from the recipe.


I usually prefer a crunchy cookie to a soft one but these are a perfect chewy texture. I especially liked them chilled so that the chocolate chips firmed up and gave a really delicious chocolate bite.


I will without a doubt be making these again (when I feel like I have some wiggle room in my diet! For those interested, I got 20 cookies out of the recipe which made them just under 200 calories per cookie according to a fitness app.)


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