Brunch Spread with Hashbrown Cups and Sausage Biscuit Bake

My best friend from high school and I like to treat ourselves quite frequently. Usually, we go for facials, massages, manicures, fancy dinners, etc. However, our schedules recently just didn’t allow for our usual full day of escapades so we decided to just do morning coffee.

However, anyone who knows me, knows morning coffee is never just morning coffee – of course I had to whip up a spread of tasty treats! However, as I am definitely not a morning person I needed things that a) I could prep the night before, and b) would bake quickly.

I landed on these hashbrown cups and this sausage and biscuit breakfast bake.

I prepped everything the night before. I cut the hashbrown cup recipe in half as the original yields twelve cups. I also cut down the bake recipe to about 3/4 – I only used 6 of the biscuits, 4 eggs, etc. and used a smaller baking dish.

These are both simple dishes. I liked both but would make some tweaks next time.

I would leave the cheese out of the hashbrown cups the next time and bake until almost done and add the cheese in the centers at the end. I felt like the cheese prevented my cups from getting golden and instead was what burned slightly on the edges. They also could have used more seasoning. I served them with optional toppings on the side including salsa and sour cream.


I thought the bake was good but was overall more biscuit-y than what I had anticipated. I don’t think this was due to the reduction in eggs as I had also reduced the amount of biscuits. Even though when I put it in the dish the egg was all around the biscuits and filled the pan top to bottom the way it actually baked was like the egg rose to the top and the biscuits underneath were pretty dry.


Overall, it was good but I think I would use the full amount of eggs the next time while STILL reducing the biscuits.


I completed the spread with some of the biggest loser banana muffins and apple cobbler that I had made previously. And of course mimosas!



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