Creamy One-Pot Chicken and Rice

One-pot meals are always awesome – who doesn’t want a tasty meal that has minimal clean-up? I had this recipe sitting on my “Main Dishes and Well Wishes” board for AGES. I was scrolling through looking for something to shake up my usual dinner routine and it finally jumped out at me – and I am so glad it did!


So delicious and tastes much more sinful than it is – a 1/2 cup serving (which is a lot of food, as pictured below) is about 260 calories. You definitely won’t feel deprived with a 1/2 cup of this as it is very filling but it is low-cal enough to go for a whole cup and still not feel bad!

I have been making it with plain, old white rice and that seems to work just fine – no adjustment to cooking time needed!


The only small note is that it is not truly one-pot since you need to heat and reduce your chicken broth while you sautee your vegetables in the pot but I can forgive it this one indiscretion!

Another Pinterest find that is quickly becoming a staple!



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