Easiest 5-Ingredient Hummus

Hello all! The hubby and I are recently back from Hawaii and I have been super exhausted since so I haven’t really gotten back into the kitchen.

hawaii_1         hawaii_3hawaii_2

Sadly, vacation has to come to an end some time so I decided to ease myself back into the swing of things with something easy but something that I have never made before.

I LOVE hummus – almost all types of hummus: garlic, red pepper, spinach, plain. Just give it to me – on chips, bread, meat. Doesn’t matter.

But I have never made hummus. I was afraid I wouldn’t get the texture and flavor I was used to. I also didn’t want to buy some of the common ingredients like high calorie tahini.

So when I came across this 5-ingredient hummus I was intrigued and as it only required me buying the chickpeas because I had everything else in the house I figured I would give it a go. And am I glad I did – it is so delicious!

I followed the recipe exactly. I used canned chickpeas and did add about 1.5 to 2 tbsp. of water. Before the water the texture was a little grainy so I added the water a 1/2 tbsp. at a time and processed on low until I got the smooth, creamy texture of store-bought hummus.

I enjoyed it with some plain pita chips. The recipe makes about 2 cups and my husband and I ate the entire batch in about 2 days.


Admittedly, not the best photo above but I was so excited to try it I couldn’t waste time with photos! I can’t wait to make this again and experiment with different flavors. I will definitely be trying some roasted red peppers next time!


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