Easy Chicken Pad Thai

So I feel like I’ve been posting about desserts a lot lately and I think we should change it up a bit! I came across this easy pad thai recipe a few weeks ago and it seemed like a sign – my husband and I had just been talking about how we hadn’t had thai food in awhile.

I always shy away from most Asian dishes because they do contain a lot of “weird” ingredients that I don’t want to go out and buy and then not like and never use again (except this recipe for chicken and broccoli stir fry! I haven’t reviewed it before but should because it is SOOOO good. It is also super simple and delicious just served over some white rice!) So, obviously, this recipe pulled me in because it didn’t contain many of the traditional “weird” ingredients.

I did have a little trouble finding the noodles – my local super market did not have very many options but I did find some stir-fry rice noodles made by Thai Kitchen so I used those. The box is 14 oz. and the recipe only calls for 8 oz. I decided to make the whole box so we would have some leftovers. The noodles quickly overtook my pan…


What you can’t see buried underneath my noodles are all my other ingredients – the green onion, sauce, and some shredded chicken. I usually have chicken pad thai so I decided to buy a rotisserie chicken breast and break it up and add it to the dish – about half a large breast was plenty.

Since I had almost doubled the noodles I also doubled everything else in the recipe and mixed it up well in a bowl since I couldn’t really mix in the pan with the amount of noodles…


I did not use the sriracha because I do not like spice at all. Sadly, I forgot the peanuts! I bought them and everything and in my haste to get this done because I got home from work late I forgot them! They definitely would have added significantly to the dish and I am really disappointed I forgot them. I will have to make this again and make sure to add them!


Overall, I thought this was OK and can’t really fairly judge it since I forgot the peanuts. I did not think it was as good as take-out. Though, I have never been to Thailand so maybe this is closer to what you would get there? I did think, regardless of the missing peanuts, that there was a flavor missing. To me, I thought just a sprinkle of ginger would have brought this together and was maybe one of the flavors I was looking for.

This was very simple to make however, and it is a light meal at 300 calories per cup (according to the MyFitnessPal app) and a cup of this stuff is A LOT – I definitely didn’t feel neglected in terms of the portion. I do find many of the Asian meals, as long as you use low-sodium ingredients where you can, do end up to be relatively healthy. (The chicken and broccoli stir-fry also comes out to be about 300 calories per cup.)


I am going to try to continue being more adventurous in my cooking. Wish me luck!


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