Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream Bars

Ahoy and welcome back! Hope everyone’s summer is wrapping up nicely and you are all enjoying the last of these wonderful summer nights. My cousin had a baby back in June and we were going to pay her and her new bundle of joy a visit last week. I want to bring something that I could easily whip up in the couple hours I had after work but also something that I could leave and they could easily grab for a snack during those late night feedings. I came across these chocolate peanut butter dream bars on my “Save Room for Dessert” board and they seemed like a good option.

I followed the recipe exactly except for I used almond milk in place of regular milk. I also didn’t add any additional cookies to the topping but you will see from my photos that they weren’t missed.

My one complaint about this recipe (which other pinners have noted in the comments on the pin) is that what is outlined in the recipe for the peanut butter filling does not make enough – you need to double the recipe. I forgot about seeing this in the comments and made my first batch and only got this far…


The filling is also impossible to spread all that much because it sinks into the pudding layer and it is heavier than you would think it should be after the addition of the Cool Whip so this was definitely not going to be enough filling. I made another batch and that covered pretty well…


Like I said, I did not add any crushed up cookies to the top of mine. I used peanut butter chips and bittersweet chips that I had left from another recipe. I didn’t add the cookie for two reasons: 1) I thought they might get soggy especially when keeping these for left overs, and 2) it seemed like there was enough going on already – I put these into the MyFitnessPal app and even with cutting them into 16 bars (fairly small), with the doubling of the peanut butter filling these are a whopping 356 calories per serving. Not very dreamy!


Despite their high calorie content these were quite delicious. I was happy I was leaving the pan at my cousin’s house because I definitely would have eaten the whole pan in about two days! The crust doesn’t hold together necessarily as crust but it does stay crispy so it provides a nice textural break from everything else that is so soft. The chips on top are a fun addition as well. However, they definitely look more “solid” in the photo attached to the pin and I found them to be more crumbly even though they set for almost three hours. This was OK with me but just be aware it eats more like a parfait than a bar.


I would definitely make these again but only when I have a crowd to feed so I am not tempted and because they are so easy to put together and you could easily make a large quantity – I think this pan took me maybe 20 minutes to put together. So I guess I will call it a “hit!”


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