Red Velvet Brownies

Hello!! The dog days of summer are upon us and only nutty people are cranking up the oven to bake. Well call me crazy because I just couldn’t help myself last week when I came across this recipe for red velvet brownies. I was still pretty down after my 4th of July red velvet cake disappointment and was hoping for a red velvet rebound and these did not disappoint!

I followed the recipe exactly except for I did not use a baking bar of chocolate and instead used bittersweet chocolate chips. I tried to use the baker’s bar but bittersweet was the one kind that my local market was either out of or doesn’t carry. I have this problem a lot when trying to find baker’s bars of bittersweet – why??? However, using the chips didn’t seem to be a problem – I used about a half cup.


I mixed by hand and about half way through regretted it. For some reason I just didn’t think the batter was going to be as thick as it was. I will definitely use my stand-mixer next time! I used a 9×13 pan but still had to bake slightly longer than the recipe said – about 38 minutes.


These were absolutely delicious and actually were the texture I had been looking for for my 4th of July cake! I guess next time I will have to sub this in as “cake!”

So far we have eaten about half the pan and they are keeping nicely in the fridge. I have them in an airtight glass container with plastic top and a layer of plastic wrap over them and they are still as soft as they were when they came out of the oven.

I didn’t ice mine because I really just wanted the brownie but these would definitely be great with cream cheese or chocolate icing!

Will definitely make these again!


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