Truffle Brownie Cheesecake

I’ve been craving cheesecake something fierce lately and Easter was the perfect opportunity to whip one up! I was really craving plain, graham-cracker crust cheesecake with strawberries on top but not many people in my family would enjoy that so I took to Pinterest to find something a little more decadent. I came across this recipe from Hershey’s for a dark chocolate truffle cheesecake with a brownie bottom that sounded delicious. However, it didn’t have a cookie crust which I absolutely NEED in a cheesecake so I decided to add the cookie crust from this recipe.

I followed the recipes exactly (!) and the final product looked pretty good except where the plastic wrap had smushed my chocolate design a little.

cheesecake_1 cheesecake_2

The positives? The cheesecake filling and, for the most part, the brownie are actually pretty tasty. Definitely a decadent dessert.

The negatives? Something about the texture was just off to me – not the smooth cheesecake consistency I would want. The addition of the cookie crust was also a let down. I think it was the double-baking since the first recipe said to bake the crust alone for 8 minutes. However, this recipe obviously wasn’t planning on the someone being a little crazy and adding a brownie layer that needed to bake for 25 minutes on top of it and THEN baking the whole cheesecake. All this baking made the cookie crust REALLY hard – like we almost couldn’t cut through it hard. The texture of the brownie also didn’t wow me – it was a little dry and I’m not sure why that was the case since I followed the recipe for that – I really wanted a moist, fudgy texture.

Overall, this was tasty but I wouldn’t make it again. I may try the whole recipe that I took the cookie crust from because that looks scrumptious!


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