My Favorite Pinterest Recipes

I wanted to use this week’s update to share some of my FAVORITE recipes that I have found on Pinterest. These are recipes that I have blogged about before (except one) and have made more than once since. They have all become staples in my recipe book so if you are looking for tried and true favorites look no further!

Potato and Cheddar Soup

This recipe gets better every time I make it. Below is the most recent rendition – with pita chips on top for crunch! I also added some crispy pancetta this time around! Original post here!


Stuffed Cheese Buns

These have become a staple at our Christmas dinners and I have made them for a few other occasions as well. I wish I knew what I did differently at Christmas this year as they came out the best yet. No matter – they never disappoint! You can see more of the cheesiness in the original post here!


Pretzel Bites

I never posted about these but I make them frequently for anything and everything – game days, parties, and just general snacking! I’ve made this recipe both as full-sized pretzels and pretzel bites by cutting the ropes into bite-size pieces instead of twisting them. I like this recipe better than others I have tried because it does not require boiling the dough at all. I just made a huge tray of bites a few weeks ago when we had people over to watch a football game. Five of us wiped out the entire tray pictured below! Here is the recipe for those interested!


Pasta with Garlic Sauce, Parmesan and Lemon Chicken 

This is a really flavorful pasta dish that we just cannot resist. Every time I make it we finish the entire pot! I just made this for dinner last night and that most recent picture is below.  The original post has an additional picture!

FullSizeRender (1)

Chewy M&M Sugar Cookies

I made these again just this past weekend for a gender reveal party which is why most of the M&M’s on top are red or blue. These get better and better each time I make them! Original post here!


I hope this post helps you not only when you are sorting through all the recipes on Pinterest but even just the ones I write about on my blog!

Happy pinning!


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