Christmas Morning Cinnamon French Toast Bake

After a busy holiday season I am back! I want to share this wonderful cinnamon french toast bake that I made for Christmas morning with you. I wanted to make something extra special this year to mark our first Christmas in our house. I found the recipe on Pinterest but the recipe itself actually comes from Pillsbury.

This bake was DELICIOUS – I have a feeling we’ve established a new Christmas morning tradition with this breakfast.


I followed the recipe pretty closely except I only used about ½ cup of maple syrup since ¾ of a cup just seemed like too much and I substituted walnuts for the pecans. We also drizzled the icing on our individual pieces to our liking rather than drizzling it on the entire bake.


We enjoyed it with some sausage patties and peppermint coffee. Be warned though – one piece is VERY heavy and filling. We ended up with leftovers of our own after bringing some to my parents.


I prepped it all the night before and just popped it in the oven before we started opening presents with the expectation that it would be finished by the time we were done. However, my one complaint about the recipe, is that the baking time is wrong – at least for my oven. It took double the time to bake as it says in the recipe. Also, this was hard to tell as the top had risen and gotten all golden brown within the time that the recipe states but when we cut it open the middle was still raw.

Now that I know about the baking time I can correct for it next time since the ooey, gooey-ness and buttery, cinnamon flavor is well worth making this again. I may even make it before Christmas – it is a great brunch recipe!

Happy pinning!


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