Caramel Apple Cookie Cups

Hello and happy (4 days after) Halloween! It is hard to believe we will have been in the house a year at the end of the month (and married 6 months!) Even though it has been almost a year we still hadn’t had an official party yet and we decided that this Halloween was finally the time. Of course I had to whip up some tasty treats for our guests so I took to Pinterest to see if I had any delicious recipes I had been sitting on and came across these caramel apple cookie cups that I had been dying to make. They seemed perfect – easy to make, fall-themed, and I still had leftover apples from apple picking earlier in the season!

The cookie cups are incredibly easy to make and the recipe is spot on – I got exactly 18 cups out of my batch. Even though I had shaped them into a cup in the cupcake tin before putting them in the oven I did need to push the centers down with a spoon when they came out. As long as you do this when they are right out of the oven this is easy and no problem.


I used cortland apples for my cookie cups because that is what I had in the house. I cooked the apples as instructed in the recipe but I actually added them into the cups BEFORE putting the caramel in. I figured if I did this the apples would definitely be stuck to the cookie and I wouldn’t have to worry about pieces of apple falling everywhere when people ate them.

pre-caramelThe caramel is definitely one of the easier ones I have tried and I would absolutely¬†use it again in other recipes that call for caramel sauce. It does also stay very soft when kept at room temperature, as the original post says, so it would be easy to drizzle on other things. The soft texture also made it unnecessary to heat the cookie cups before serving as you could easily bite the cookie – apples, caramel, and all. I’m sure they are delicious warm but if you can’t heat them to eat don’t worry!


These were hands down the biggest hit at the party. Everyone that tried them raved about them and wanted to know the recipe – specifically what the cookie cups were made out of. The cookie itself does have a really great brown sugar flavor that isn’t too sweet.


I would definitely make these again for a fall party seeing as they were so easy to make and such a huge crowd pleaser.

Also, as a BONUS for this post, if you peek in the background of the below photo you can spot another Pinterest find that I utilized for the party – these trash bag spider webs. These were WAY harder to make than I would have thought and I wouldn’t recommend them unless you have a lot of patience. They did look nice over our windows, however, and added some ambiance considering the party was in our unfinished basement.


And, finally, just for fun, a photo of the “mask” I created out of make-up. The party theme was, obviously, masquerade and I knew I wouldn’t want to wear on or a hold a mask to my face all night so I had my make-up “back-up.”

maskHope you all had a happy and safe Halloween! If you created any spooky and delicious treats for the holiday share them in the comments!

Happy pinning!


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