French Silk Brownie Pie

The holidays mean one thing for me – baking season (well…food season in general!) but it is hard to get oven time in our kitchen on a holiday so I tried to come up with a no-bake-needed yet still delicious option for this year (especially since I made the stuffed cheese buns I made last Christmas – they were such a hit! New holiday staple!) I browsed my Save Room for Dessert board and found this french silk brownie pie that looked delicious.

I chose this because it made me nostalgic for one of my favorite chocolate silk pies that we used to have at the holidays when I was younger. We don’t get them anymore and I have been trying to find a replacement for years (remember last year when I tried this chocolate truffle pie?) While I liked last year’s pie I wanted to try another – let’s not get boring!

French Silk Pie


I followed the recipe exactly (shock! @Bobby Walsh would have loved that!) EXCEPT I made my own whipped cream from scratch and I used chocolate sprinkles on top instead of chocolate shavings. I also made a whole pie instead of tarts like the recipe mentions (the pie in the original post doesn’t look like a tart to me?) The recipe was correct in that if you want to make a whole pie (I used a 9″ spring form pan) you should make a double batch of filling. One batch of brownie batter is the perfect amount for a whole pie so use the whole thing!

I liked this pie as did my family. Warning: it is very, very rich so start your slices small! The only thing I didn’t like was the use of raw eggs. I know it’s fine and there are raw eggs in lots of things but it made me uneasy. Still delicious though!

The brownie crust really makes it since it stays really soft and gooey. I did need to bake my brownie slightly longer than the recipe recommends – about 20 to 25 minutes to get it to set.

French Silk Pie Slice


I need some inspiration of what to make for Christmas (hopefully lots of posts coming soon!) so if you have seen a great pin on Pinterest lately that you’d like me to try let me know in the comments!

Happy pinning!


Mac and Cheese Soup

Hello! Welcome back! Sorry I have been away from you all for so long but things have been CRAZY busy. On top of the wedding planning we started shopping for a house thinking it would take us at least a few months to find a place. Well, it only took a month! We closed last week and have been slowly moving things in. So with the wedding, the new house, and now the holidays approaching I haven’t had much time to get in the kitchen. Hopefully that will change now that I will have my own kitchen!

I did recently get to try out a recipe that I have had my eye on for awhile now however. With the cold weather upon us it seemed like the perfect time to make this mac and cheese soup.

Look at how yummy it looks…


It was good and it hit the spot for a cold night but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

First, let me tell you the tweaks I made (as usual.) I clearly didn’t do the tomato and baguette thing (didn’t have any but would have been delicious.) Instead I made homemade pita chips by cutting two whole pita breads into triangles, sprinkling with sea salt, pepper and garlic powder and baking the same way the recipe said to bake the baguette. I also left out the shallots and carrots (also didn’t have any.)

I followed the rest of the recipe as is.

Overall, I liked the soup but it was definitely more soup-y than mac-and-cheese-y. I would have liked a thicker broth – a light cheese sauce could have been great.

I also thought it was definitely missing a textural element – the whole dish itself was very soft and other than the pasta there wasn’t much too it. I know I left out the shallots and carrots but I don’t know if they would have helped much since the celery pretty much disappeared. Next time I would definitely have the carrots and probably wouldn’t soften the celery and instead just let the warm soup soften it – cooking it before made it too soft. The crunch of the pita chips did offset the softness of the soup nicely though so I would definitely recommend making something crunchy to go on the side or, if you follow the recipe and use the baguette, make plenty of extra toasted baguette rounds.

Though I wasn’t blown away, the simplicity of the dish and the quick prep time would probably lead me to make it again.

Do you have a go-to cold night soup recipe? Let me know in the comments!

Happy pinning!