Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

I am always lookings for a new dessert to make for holidays, birthdays, etc. Recently, I came across this salted caramel  chocolate tart on Pinterest that I knew I absolutely had to make because I LOVE salted caramel.

Sadly, I can’t located my notes about the different tweaks I made and since it was quite awhile ago I don’t remember exactly. However, there are a few things that I recall.

First, I do remember that the crust was fairly easy to make but was just a tad too smal to fit up the sides of the tart pan completely.

This didn’t end up being a problem but the next time I would try to make a tad more dough. I also did not used dutch-processed cocoa powder – I just used plain old Hershey’s cocoa powder.

I also had to really crank the heat to get the caramel going –  medium-high wasn’t cutting it. BUT be very careful as caramel traditionally burns very easily.

The caramel did come out to the perfect gooey consistency, whichc I was very pleased about as I had never made caramel from scratch before! Having all of these easy to burn ingredients being made from scratch was part of what drew me to this recipe as it was definitely a step up in the difficulty category for me. If you are looking for a recipe that is fairly straight forward but still a little more challenging I would recommend trying this!


Be warned: this dessert is VERY heavy. I struggled to eat one piece so slice small and make sure you save lots of room in your tummy to enjoy your creation!

One tip I would give you is to go light on the salt. I used as much as the recipe called for and found it a little overpowering. I think if I made it again I would put the salt under the ganache and possibly while the caramel is still hot so it metls a littl into the filling and hopefully cuts some of the flavor.

I enjoyed my slice with some fresh, homemade whipped cream which was the perfect accompaniment!


If I find my notes I will update this post!

Until then, happy pinning!


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