For Boston

Since starting this blog over 6 months ago now I don’t think I have ever shared that I am born and raised in Boston (well, just outside lest I offend anyone. I’m about 10 minutes out of the city and can see the buildings from the home I have lived in my entire life.)

I am so thankful that everyone that I know and love is safe today and cannot stop thinking about those who cannot say the same thing. The Marathon has been something I’ve grown up with and something I cherished during my college career as a great, fun day to spend with friends since I attended a pretty, little Boston school that’s right on the route. I know first hand the joy and excitement that this day usually brings for everyone in Boston but especially for children who are on spring break and college kids that have the day off of school for the holiday like my own brother this year who attend’s another Boston school much closer to where the explosions happened and who almost decided to participate at the finish line yesterday.

I can only imagine what it must feel like for those individuals who where showing their Boston pride by participating in this event yesterday and are now dealing with the injury of a loved one or their own or worse. I would like to dedicate this post to all of those people impacted as well as the first responders who immediately sprang into action. The pictures and videos are truly moving – while its easy to imagine the fear in those first few seconds of the people you see running away, it is impossible to imagine the bravery of those in the background – the police, firefighters, EMTs, and even the event volunteers – running the opposite way toward the explosion. There is no doubt that these individuals saved many lives yesterday and I hope we all take a moment today to think about them and everyone impacted – to say a small prayer, to do something kind for someone else, to take a quick silent moment to ourselves to reflect – anything that feels right.

We are Boston and we are strong.



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