Chocolate Raspberry Banana Bread

Hey everyone! I’m back! Sorry I had no new post for you last week but wedding planning is in full swing and I haven’t had a lot of time to get in the kitchen since I’m always running from one appointment to another. BUT I did take a time out this week to try out another recipe from my “Save Room for Dessert” board…this (dark) chocolate raspberry banana bread. The pin originally linked to this website but I followed their link back to the original.

I love banana bread…it is probably one of my all time favorites desserts (breads? snacks? what is banana bread really classified as anyway?) and one of my favorite flavor combos is dark chocolate and raspberry so when I came across this recipe that combined two of my loves I knew I needed to go for it.

Sadly, my banana bread didn’t feature dark chocolate because I only had semi-sweet chocolate chips but we keep things informal around here so whatever. Other tweaks I made? I used four bananas since my bananas were a little on the smaller side and the whole point of banana bread is to taste the banana so I figured it couldn’t hurt, right? I also used regular flour instead of oat because honestly, I was just too lazy to make the oat flour and I didn’t want to have extra hanging around and nothing to use it in.

My final tweak (at least I think it was a tweak, the recipe doesn’t really say if you should use fresh or frozen) is I used frozen raspberries instead of fresh since raspberries are out of season right now and fresh are hard to find because its winter (lest we all forget – as if the freezing cold and constant threat of snow isn’t enough). The recipe calls for 1 cup of “smashed” raspberries which is a little over 2 cups of whole raspberries or almost a whole 12 oz bag of frozen berries.

That’s it. The rest of the recipe I followed exactly as is to get this pretty pink mixture…


Warning: when you are pouring the batter into the loaf pan the bowl is going to be very heavy (at least it was for me with my lack of upper body strength) so be careful!

The finished product looks like this…


I baked mine about 45 minutes to be sure it was done…because of the raspberries’ gooeyness a knife inserted into the middle is never going to actually come out clean.


The smell was amazing and the taste was good but in general this was messy. The raspberries for some reason all settled at one end even though I had mixed the batter well so one end was really runny. But even where the raspberries were evenly distributed there was so much fruit and melted chocolate that the slices had a hard time holding together. There are also so many flavors going on that the banana gets overpowered. If I make this again I think I will keep the raspberries whole next time so a) the bread wont be as moist and b) you will get a nice bite of raspberry here and there instead of a layer of it allowing the banana to (hopefully) shine through. Next time I would also definitely like to make it with the dark chocolate.

Let me know if you try this and any tweaks you make in the comments!

Happy pinning!


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Raspberry Banana Bread

    • Hi Suzan! You are welcome! Please do try it and come back and let me know how it goes for you! I would strongly recommend using whole berries instead of “smashing” them to both cut down on the gooeyness as well as contain the flavor of the berry a bit. The smashed berries, while distributing the flavor throughout the loaf, almost made the berry taste the star of the loaf instead of the banana. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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