Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Every year I try to make my boyfriend (now fiance) a tasty treat for Valentine’s Day. Last year I made him these red velvet cheesecake brownies. They weren’t as fabulous as I had hoped so this year I decided to try these red velvet Oreo truffle brownies that I found on Pinterest instead! I went out last night and bought all of my ingredients so I could start making the treats as soon as I got home from work today so they would be ready for V-Day.

I started baking – I preheated the oven, got out all of my ingredients and started reading step 1. “Combine cake mix, melted butter, eggs, pudding mix, vegetable oil…Wait, what? Pudding mix??” Oops. Somehow when I was reviewing the recipe for the ingredients I had missed this one. I had no pudding mix – I didn’t buy any and we don’t keep it in the house and I was NOT going out to buy some at this stage. Hmmmmm, what to do?

To fix my problem I had to go rogue and go OFF of Pinterest. I googled “brownies from red velvet cake mix” and found this recipe on the Duncan Hines site (shhhhhh…don’t tell them I used a Pillsbury mix!) Success! Well sort of…of course now the entire front end of the recipe I was trying to make was going to be completely different but oh well – you win some, you lose some.

I followed the Duncan Hines recipe exactly except for I didn’t measure the chocolate chips that I added – I just used one half-ish pour right from a bag of mini chips. I was concerned at this stage…I’ve never had a dense brownie mix that didn’t pour out of the pan…and I mean DENSE. But I was this far in so may as well carry on. I popped the “brownies” in the oven and went back to my original recipe.

At this point I was on step 4 – crushing the Oreos. I’ve had to crush Oreos before and I don’t know what it is but the food processor method never works for me. I need to do them in small batches and they never get as crumbly as I want. So I went with the rolling pin and plastic bag method this time (be sure to double bag in case the one the cookies is in breaks!) I pounded away for 5 or so minutes and got my cookies perfectly crumbled. I poured them in the bowl for my stand mixer and added 1 package of neufchatel cheese (I know the recipe says to use actual cream cheese but come on, these are decadent enough, let’s lighten them up at least a little!) and mixed until smooth.

What Your Cookie Mixture Should Look Like

Oreo Mixture

My brownies only took about 30 minutes to cook as opposed to the 40-45 that Duncan Hines suggests in the recipe.

Now all that was left was to assemble the layers. I added the Oreo layer…it is very difficult to spread. I couldn’t even get it out to the edges and it comes out kind of lumpy. I honestly was going to skip the last step of adding the  melted chocolate, throw some chocolate chips on top and call it a day but the naked Oreo layer just looked so ugly I couldn’t even bring myself to photograph it to show you.

So I melted down 1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips and 1 cup of semi-sweet together. Why you may ask? Because this is what I had in the house – if you haven’t realized by now I keep things very loosey-goosey-fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants in the kitchen. I poured the chocolate on top, added some more mini chips on top and I was done! Yay!


I can’t really critique the recipe since let’s be honest I barely followed it. I also can’t comment on the taste since I won’t give them to my fiance until tomorrow night. But I will come back and update you all with how it went!

Now go bake some treats to enjoy with your sweetheart or just to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Happy pinning!

UPDATE: February 14th, 2013

The finished product is amazing! The brownie layer is actually the perfect consistency to hold the other two layers. Its a little denser than your traditional layer but still moist like a brownie and they have great red velvet flavor!

Here’s a pic of them cut…

Red Velvet Oreo Brownie


3 thoughts on “Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars

  1. Di this is auntie Maria you are just the cutest. I love your blog and i made your chicken. Ziti and broccoli. Delish. Keep those recipes coming. I enjoy your blurbs. Love auntie

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