Stuffed Cheese Buns

In a previous post I mentioned that I found two different types of rolls that I wanted to make for my family’s holiday dinner as I just could not choose between the two. The first rolls I made were these garlic parmesan knots and the second type is the subject of this post – stuffed cheese buns! I was beyond excited when I came across this recipe that I had pinned because you all know I love anything with cheese!

Now the fact that this is somehow related to the Hunger Games was lost on me until I looked it up since I’ve never seen it but that didn’t detract from how delicious these buns were! And they were relatively easy to make. I got about 18 from my bunch (the recipe says you could get 20) but honestly I would probably only make about 12 the next time…I think the inserting of the cheese would have been easier if there were more dough to work with. I found it easiest to get the cheese in the middle by making a little cup out of the dough as below…

Then I just pinched them all back up together and followed the recipe as it was. I needed to bake longer than the recipe said…about 25 minutes to get my buns golden brown.

Cheese Buns

I also didn’t top them with any extra shredded or parmesan cheese. Instead I used some of the topping that was left over from the garlic parmesan knots that I made right before these. But that’s OK because the cheese definitely wasn’t missed with these buns. If you are a cheese lover you will LOVE these – I couldn’t stop eating them. They have a nice garlic flavor from the garlic powder but it isn’t too strong and the cheese inside was perfectly gooey and delicious…it was the perfect amount!

Cheese Buns

These were a huge hit with my family and friends (and myself!) and I may have finally found a cheesy roll to serve every holiday (since my cheesy popover attempt was disappointing).

Have you tried these? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Pinning!


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