Brownie Cookies with Chocolate Icing

I of course couldn’t make only one type of cookie over the holidays – that would have been a wasted opportunity to try out Pinterest recipes. Right before the holidays I had pinned this recipe to my dessert board. I love chocolate and these looked incredible so I knew I had to try them.

I can honestly say making these cookies was a GREAT decision! They are incredible if you are a chocolate lover. And the rainbow sprinkles are so fun!

Brownie Cookies

Brownie Cookies

The only tweaks I made to this recipe was that I used regular cocoa powder instead of the dark or dutch suggested in the recipe. This was fine as these certainly weren’t lacking in chocolate flavor. I also didn’t use mini-chocolate chips because I can never find them so I just used regular sized chips.

These weren’t difficult to make but they are difficult to ice. They are a very soft cookie and even with the wax paper on the cookie sheet they are difficult to peel off without breaking. I found it easiest to get them off by peeling the wax paper off the back rather than trying to pull them off. I also didn’t get quite as many as the recipe said I should (I think I was about 5 short) but I still got over 2 dozen so that was fine for my small family.

I will definitely make these again and maybe next time try boxed brownie mix to make it easier…while they tasted great I didn’t see any difference in consistency by making the batter from scratch than I think you would have from thick brownie mix.

Overall, they were definitely a huge hit and definitely the favorite over the other type of cookie I made for the holidays.

Share your holiday baking adventures in the comments!

Happy pinning!


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