Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Asparagus, Roasted Tomatoes, and Mozzarella

Hello all and happy Wednesday! My family usually eats pretty heavy meals so when I’m cooking for myself I like to try to lighten things up a little so I was eager to try this recipe that I have had pinned for a while. The post claims it is only 335 calories for the plate (though when I put all of the ingredients into the MyFitnessPal app it came out to 425…still good!) so I decided to give it a try.

I used two large chicken breasts which I marinated for 30 minutes as the recipe called for (for once I actually followed this recipe almost exactly – ALMOST). When I removed the chicken from the marinade it looked like it had just come out of the package which was concerning so instead of grilling them I used a frying pan and poured all of the marinade over the chicken and cooked the meat in the actual marinade. Another reason I used the marinade? This was A LOT of liquid and I just couldn’t bring myself to pour it down the drain…it seemed so wasteful.

While the chicken cooked, I heated the oven and another frying pan. When the chicken was just about done I put the asparagus in the oven (I used frozen instead of fresh…cooking fresh asparagus intimidates me) and tossed the tomatoes in the frying pan. When the chicken and asparagus were done I turned the heat off of the tomatoes but kept them in the pan while I got everything else on the serving plates. Then right before I took the tomatoes out of the still warm pan I tossed in half of the mozzarella and mixed so we would have a little gooey, melty cheese in the mix.

I plated the same way that is shown in the picture though my lack of artful camera skills makes it look less impressive.

Balsamic Glazed Chicken Plate Balsamic Chicken

Overall, I liked this dish and it was filling but it wasn’t great (especially compared to this meal, which I had made the night before). I got more balsamic flavor from the little bit that was in the tomatoes than I did from the chicken. My chicken was also slightly burnt on the outside from cooking it in the balsamic glaze but live and learn…the chicken itself was fine it was just the glaze on the outside that was singed. I also did like cooking the asparagus this way, which I hadn’t done before.

The shining star of the plate was definitely the tomatoes and I would make them as a side dish for any meal. Also, the meal is simple, quick, and convenient which is good because if I’m cooking it is probably only for my boyfriend and I so we don’t need a ton of food.

Share any simple meals for two that are your go-to’s in the comments! Happy pinning!


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