Chewy M&M Sugar Cookies

Happy Halloween everyone! Sadly, this post isn’t really Halloween related BUT the recipe does include candy so that’s close enough!

As a little kid, any cookie with M&M’s in it was always my favorite…I didn’t matter which flavor the cookie was…whether it was chocolate chip, sugar, double chocolate, oatmeal – it didn’t matter- as long as it had M&M’s in it I would eat it. So when I saw this recipe on Pinterest for Chewy M&M Sugar cookies I just had to try it.

Overall, this recipe was incredibly easy to make…it only took about 15 minutes total to prepare the dough and the cookies bake quickly. I had 24 cookies in less than an hour!

As usual, I made a few tweaks. Firstly, I was out of vegetable oil so I used olive oil instead…it didn’t seem to make a huge difference. Also, I didn’t have any parchment paper so I just coated the baking sheets with cooking spray and I didn’t have any trouble with burning or getting my cookies off the sheet. Finally, I used more M&M’s (I mean is there really such a thing as TOO many M&M’s in a cookie??). I used a whole cup instead of 3/4 of a cup and still didn’t have any trouble with the cookies not staying together so I would say going for it! To even out the extra I used in the batter I skipped adding the candy on top unless the cookie looked like it needed a little extra love.

Tweaks for next time? For starters, I would read the whole recipe first. I had put all of the dry ingredients in my stand mixer before I realized I would actually be mixing the wet ingredients first. Also, I think I would put all of the sugar in the recipe next time and not cover the outside in sugar…I’m just not crazy about the grainy texture on the outside.

Overall, these cookies are amazing (though maybe I’m a little biased due to my love of M&M cookies). I think a big contributing factor to the awesomeness of these cookies is the cream cheese. Anyone who knows me knows cream cheese is one of my main food groups and there is rarely a day that I don’t eat something with cream cheese on it. But surprisingly I don’t use it in recipes that often unless I am making cheesecake. Seeing what it did to these cookies I am definitely going to try adding it to more desserts (and maybe even savory dishes!) in the future.

Below is what my finished product looked like…


I would give this pin “hit” status and will definitely be trying it again with some tweaks and variations. Overall, the recipe is simple and versatile – it could be used for any type of sugar cookie and could serve as a great base for a variety of holiday cookies…way better than the slice and bake from the tube variety and took about the same amount of time!

Do you have a killer cookie recipe? Do you share my love of candy-laced cookies? Have you tried this and had success? Let me know in the comments!

Happy pinning!


2 thoughts on “Chewy M&M Sugar Cookies

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