Hello Readers and welcome to The Girl Who Pinned Everything!

Here I will be reviewing recipes and other DIY projects that I find on Pinterest and try out for myself. I’ll let you know if they were hits or misses, any tweaks I made, and any tips you need to know to pull it off. Most importantly, I’ll let you know if the pin you think is fabulous is really worth you following that link and trying the recipe or busting out your scissors and glue to DIY it. The pictures always look so great, the meals delicious, and the crafts perfect but how easy are they for the average person? I’ll help you answer that here. 

The title is not an exaggeration. I have always been a pack-rat. I hate throwing anything out just in case I need it again for some unforeseen reason in the very distant future. And that tendency has carried over to my Pinterest pages…so many things look so good that I just can’t help pinning it just in case I need it. I’ve even pinned pictures of nurseries when I don’t have any plans for kids in the near future…or ever!

This blog will give me the chance to take a step back and really look at some of my 2,100+ pins and make an honest assessment about how useful they have really been for me…and hopefully save you some time in the process! I’ll mostly be focusing on recipes and do not have my own kitchen so updates may be slow but stick with me…I promise to help you save some time!

Thanks for joining me here. I hope you find this useful and welcome any comments and questions you may have. If you like what you see here you can follow me on Pinterest and on Twitter both @dimariesci.

Happy pinning!


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